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Linda Cahill

Hi, my name is Linda Cahill. Welcome to my website. I like to

write moody stories about crime and the redemptive

power of love. My latest story The Ghost of New Year's Eve

just went live on Kings River Life! Right now it's free and I'm

happy to share it with readers. Here is the link:

In June 2016 I had a new suspense story Escape from the

Beach in Villainous Vacations an anthology of holiday stories

with a murderous twist. Here is a link to my blog: where I posted

on Villainous Vacations on May 29, 2016.

“Villainous Vacations is that rare beach read, one that makes

you laugh and shiver almost at the same time. From lonely

werewolves finding love to high school hellions wreaking

havoc on each other and elements of time travel, there is

something for everyone in this riveting collection.”

Villainous Vacations is available at Sleuth of Baker

in Toronto and on:



Barnes & Noble:


Previously, I was very pleased to be selected for The Whole

She-Bang 2, a Toronto Sisters in Crime anthology that

received excellent reviews including from Jack Batten in The

Toronto Star December 28, 2014 and Margaret Cannon in The

Globe and Mail, December 20, 2014. My story Special

Delivery is a chilly tale about a kid delivering

newspapers in a pre-dawn snowstorm discovering light where

it was least expected.

The two stories in Nefarious North an international anthology

of short fiction published in September 2013, are a stylistic

departure from the terse and gritty style I like to use in my

novels. "The Three Graces" looks at the unresolved issues

affecting characters toward the end of their lives while The

Watcher has an underlying supernatural theme. Check us out

on Facebook: